FAQ and General Conditions

The courses

How to register ?
Registration on www.bab-al-arabiya is very simple! Simply choose your course program from our wide range of trainings and click on "Add to Cart" and then "Proceed to checkout". Once on the order page, click on the orange button "Register and order" and fill out the registration form by entering your email and a password of your choice (5 characters minimum). Also enter your first name, your time zone, your city and your country. All this information will allow us to establish your course schedule more quickly. Do not forget to indicate also if you are a man or a woman (for the respect of single gender courses). Finally, click on the green button "Save" : the different payment methods available will be displayed. Choose your payment method and follow the instructions. After validation of your payment, the administration of Bab Al Arabiya will contact you within a maximum of 24h (7d / 7) to provide your course schedule.

How is the course schedule established?
Regarding individual courses (with you and the teacher only):
- After your registration, a schedule of individual courses will be sent to you within 24 hours, taking into account the availability that you have previously entered in the registration form and any additional emails.
- If this schedule suits you, you only need to convey your agreement by email.
- If one or more slots of the schedule does not suit you, you can contact us simply by answering to the mail we send you. We will then make you a new schedule proposal by best matching your availabilities with those of the teacher.
Whatever your situation, Bab Al Arabiya is always flexible and will always find a solution adapted to your needs.
Regarding group courses (in groups of 2 to 4 students with the teacher):
- After your registration, a schedule of group lessons will be sent to you 5 days before the start of the group session.
- You will then have to make yourself available in the slots agreed to take part in the courses with the teacher and the other students.

Is there a program adapted to my level if I am completely beginner?

Yes, whatever your level, we have programs to learn Arabic even if you do not even know a single word of Arabic or even a single letter.

I do not want to become an expert in Arabic grammar but just be able to communicate in a professional, sports or associative context; is there a formula for my case?

Yes, we have a program corresponding exactly to your needs: it is the "Business Arabic" program that you can find by clicking on this link: Business Arabic

I have some knowledge of Arabic but not enough competence to communicate easily in a professional context; is it possible to improve quickly without starting over from the basics?

Yes, we are familiar with the needs of professionals and in particular their need to learn quickly and get to the point. With our "Business Arabic" program, your teacher will evaluate with you your general level as well as your professional needs. Based on your general level and professional needs, your teacher will establish a tailor-made program allowing you to reach your objectives as quickly as possible and without going back through the material you already master or material not useful in the context of your professional activity.

Can I postpone a course ?

Regarding individual courses (with you and the teacher only):
Yes, only for "10H" and "20H" formulas, in case of unforeseen event, the student can postpone one lessons if he informs his teacher by mail at least 24 hours before the course planned :
- for "PACK 10H", 1 postponement allowed during the pack
- for "PACK 20H", 3 postponements allowed during the pack
Regarding group courses (in groups of 2 to 4 students with the teacher):
Courses being in a group and involving other students, it is not possible to postpone a group course.

What happens if I arrive late to a lesson ?

Your teacher will be waiting for you throughout the course. Note that the minutes lost can not be reclaimed.

How many hours of instruction will I need to reach a good level?

Although it is difficult to answer precisely this question (because it depends on your level of origin, your natural ability to learn, ...), we will try to give you some order of magnitude to give you a idea:
- If you are a beginner who can not read or write: with 10 hours of lessons, you will be able to read and write your first words in Arabic! With an additional 10h, you will be able to construct simple sentences and communicate in everyday life.
- If you have an intermediate level: with 15 to 20 hours of lessons, you will see significant progress, you will be much more independent in your reading and writing of the Arabic language, your conversational level will be much more fluid and your vocabulary will be richer.

Course material

What software or applications are used for the courses?
All courses, whether individual or grup courses, are done via "Zoom Cloud Meetings". "Zoom cloud meetings" is completely free and is available on Windows, Android and Apple and is compatible on most devices : computer, tablet or smartphone. "Zoom cloud meetings" is similar to Skype, Messenger, but is much more suitable for professional exchanges and online education because it allows to have in virtual board, more dynamic presentation tools, more advanced features for screen sharing, ... In addition, thanks to our partnership with Zoom, our teachers have professional accounts with faster and more efficient servers, which allows us to offer you (for no cost) optimal sound and image quality throughout the course.

Is "Zoom" software and application free?

Yes, the solution "Zoom cloud meetings" is completely free (software and application)

Can I participate to courses from a computer, tablet or smartphone?

Yes, it is possible to participate to courses from a computer, tablet or smartphone running on Windows, Android or Apple. While this is not mandatory, we recommend that you use computer or tablet whenever possible. Working with a large screen will be much more ergonomic and will allow you to follow the course and progress more effectively.

What is the minimum internet speed I need to attend courses ?

An internet speed of at least 20 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload is required to participate in courses in optimal conditions (sound quality and image). You can test your internet speed on sites such as speedtest.net or speedtest.xfinity.com

Can I participate in courses from a 2G, 3G, 4G, ... internet connection ?

The speeds of 3G, 2G and lower do not allow to participate in courses under acceptable conditions.
The speeds of 4G and higher (with a bitrate of at least 20 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload) allows to participate in courses in acceptable conditions.
In general, in order to benefit from the best possible conditions, we recommend that you use in order of preference :
1. your internet box and connect your PC via an RJ45 cable (allows you to have the best possible bandwith)
2. your internet box and connect your equipment (PC, tablet or smartphone) via WiFi
3. the internet connection of your 4G equipement (or more : 4G+, 5G, ...)
In case of insufficient bandwith from the student's material and making the course conditions difficult, the teacher will try, at best, to continue teaching.


What are the different payment methods available?
It is possible to pay:
- by credit card via Paypal or via Paysera
- by bank wire
- by cash or credit card via Western Union

Is my online payment secure ?

Whether you decide to pay via Paypal or via Paysera, your online payment will be secure. Your banking information is collected only on the dedicated and secure platforms of Paypal and Paysera. They are never transmitted to Bab Al Arabiya.
Paypal is an American company that is the world's leading online payment provider and one of the safest ways in the world to make an online payment.
Paysera is a European company specializing in online payment particularly dynamic in the field of security of banking transactions.

Is it necessary to have a Paypal account to pay via Paypal?

In most of the cases, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account to pay via Paypal. You can pay with your card without opening a Paypal account. But sometimes, depending on your country agreements with Paypal (information determined by your IP and equipment), it is possible that Paypal requires to have an account before paying. We have no control of this decision. However, opening a Paypal account is very quick, completely free and safe. But if you really do not want to open a Paypal account, you can try to pay via different types of equipment (PC, tablet and smartphone). We noticed for most of our customers, that the payment with smartphone is the best solution to pay without a Paypal account. If in your case this solution does not solve the issue, you can choose the other payment gateways we propose such as : Paysera, Bank wire and Western Union. These payment gateways are just as safe.

How is payment made by bank transfer?

If you choose this method, we will provide you with our bank details so that you can make a transfer either from the website of your bank or directly at the counter of your bank. Each bank has its own bank transfer procedures, so we invite you to approach your bank to know the appropriate procedure. Your bank details are never transmitted to Bab Al Arabiya and the security of the transaction is then assured by your bank. Note that in case of bank transfer, the start of your lessons will begin only after the receipt of the payment (in general, 2 or 4 days after the execution of your transfer).

Are there other means of payment?

For the moment there is no other means of payment. However, if none of the payment solutions are suitable for you, you can contact us via the contact form to eventually find a solution tailored to your needs.