Our teachers

Teachers in Live from Egypt!

Egypt is undoubtedly one of the best countries to learn Arabic.

With www.bab-al-arabiya.com Egypt comes to you!

Indeed, our teachers are all Egyptians trained specifically to teach to non-Arabic speakers.

Teachers graduated from the best Arabic language Universities in the world

Thanks to our partnerships with the Egyptian Academy, all teachers who teach on www.bab-al-arabiya.com are carefully recruited from the most prestigious universities in Egypt.

For the teaching of the Arabic language, our arab-native teachers graduated from the largest universities in Egypt have many years of experience in teaching foreign students. In addition, Bab Al Arabiya offers specialized teachers in Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic dialects but also business and profesionnal Arabic.

In particular, to teach professional and business Arabic, Bab Al Arabiya has recruited teachers with experience in various fields : industry, energy, medecine, IT, tourism, transport, etc.

Moreover, all our professors dedicated to Quran teaching have an Ijazah (ultimate certificate in the Muslim world attesting to the chain of uninterrupted transmission to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

Teachers with proven and modern pedagogy

With a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers from various backgrounds (pure pedagogical teachers, renowned reciters, researchers, ex-professionals from industry or commerce, ...), Bab Al Arabiya has established a learning program with a pedagogy specially adapted for english speakers and more generally for non-Arabic speakers.

Our teachers are recruited and specially trained to teach according to this proven pedagogy suitable to all Arabic learners, whatever their level or origins.

In addition, our teachers use the best available technologies and the most modern means : dynamic visuals, virtual boards, educational videos, interactive chat, etc.