Bab Al Arabiya

What does "Bab Al Arabiya" mean?

In Arabic :

- "Bab" means "Door"

- "Al Arabiya" means the Arabic language

Bab Al Arabiya means "the door of the Arabic language".

By this name, our site, simply wants to be the door for anyone wishing to learn the Arabic language.

In addition, because Arabic is the key to the Holy Quran, Bab Al Arabiya is also specialized in teaching the Holy Quran online.

Where are we based?

Bab Al Arabiya is a company based in Egypt, a country renowned worldwide for teaching the Arabic language.

Egyptian Universities with which we are in partnership (in particular Al Azhar, Al Qahira, Al Ain As Shams, Al Askandariya and Mansourah) are the most famous of the Arabic world and thousands of students from all around the world come there every year to pursue the most precious Arabic language degrees.

What are our skills?

Bab Al Arabiya is specialized since 2012 in online education for non-Arabic speakers :

- Modern Standard Arabic

- Business Arabic

- Arabic dialects

- Memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran as well as the Islamic sciences

What is our experience and what are our references?

Thanks to our partnerships with the Egyptian Academy, all teachers who teach on are carefully recruited from the most prestigious universities in Egypt.

For more information about our teachers and their skills, visit the page dedicated to Our teachers

Our values

The values ​​of Bab Al Arabiya are articulated around three commitments :

- to be at the service of all

- to offer rich, diversified, flexible and tailor-made training

- to render you a quality service

Commitment # 1: Serving everyone

Bab Al Arabiya it's online courses open to all :

- Women, men and children from 5 years

- Whatever your level (from beginner not knowing the alphabet to the experienced wishing to improve)

- Dedicated teachers : male teachers for men and female teachers for women and children

Commitment # 2: Rich, diversified, flexible and tailor-made training

Bab Al Arabiya is a rich training with comprehensive programs, proven and reliable to allow non-Arabic speakers to progress quickly and learn in optimal conditions.

Bab Al Arabiya also offers varied and diversified trainings :

- Modern Standard Arabic Courses

- Business and Professional Arabic courses

- Arabic dialect courses

- Memorization and recitation classes of the Holy Quran (Tarteel and Tajweed)

- Exegetical courses (interpretation and explanation) of the Holy Quran

- Individual or small group online courses

Bab Al Arabiya can train you 24/7, seven days a week according to your availability, wherever you are in the world. Moreover, we have a wide range or educational resources : online books, interactive exercises, videos, sounds, ...

Finally, Bab Al Arabiya can offer you customized training that suits your needs and expectations.

Commitment # 3: A quality service

Bab Al Arabiya assures you the highest quality of training and is dedicated to the highest standards in customer relationships :

- Quality courses with quality teachers, graduates of the largest universities in the Arab world, particularly gifted in pedagogy and passionated by the art of teaching

- A system of continuous improvement of our courses by carrying out scheduled and non-scheduled audits to our teachers in real conditions

- A satisfaction guarantee through a systematic collection of feedback from our customers in the middle and at the end of the service

- A customer service at your disposal and available 7 days a week

Our ambition : To make you completely autonomous in Arabic !

To learn more about how online courses work, visit our FAQ page.

You will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you do not find your answer, do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact form.