Tajwid and Tartil courses online

  • The Tajwid corresponds to the correct recitation of the Holy Quran by giving each letter its due, by using the right pronunciation and through the points of articulation of the letters and words
  • The Tartil is a slow recitation of the Quran to facilitate learning and encourage reflection.

Tajwid and Tartil are therefore part of the art of reciting the Holy Quran and aim to memorize and recite the Holy Quran perfectly.

Our teachers are able to teach you the 10 legislated ways of reciting the Holy Quran : Hafs, Warsh, etc.

All our professors dedicated to the teaching of the Holy Quran have an Ijazah (ultimate certificate in the Muslim world attesting to the chain of uninterrupted transmission to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ).

Our Holy Quran recitation classes (Tajwid and Tartil) are done online via audio or videoconference (with the choice) with a dedicated teacher.

Moreover, our method of learning, private lessons (only with the teacher) is particularly suitable for for English speakers or non native speakers.

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