Arabic dialects courses online

The Arabic dialect is the informal language used in family or between friends and is specific to each Arab country (and in some cases to each region). So, there is a wide variety of Arabic dialects and their use is mainly oral.

Our teachers can teach you the following dialects to make you completely autonomous in these regions of the world :

  • Egyptian Arabic dialect (the most widely spoken and widely understood dialect in the Arab world)
  • Magrebian Arabic dialect (Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian)
  • Arabic Gulf dialect (Saudi, Emirate, Qatari, Kuwaiti, ...)
  • Middle Eastern Arabic dialect (Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian, Iraqi, ...)

Our Arabic dialect courses are done online via audio or videoconferencing (with the choice) with a dedicated teacher.

Moreover, our method of learning, alone with the teacher, is particularly suitable for English speakers or non native speakers.

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