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Quran interpretation 20h Individual courses


Description of the pack :

  • 20 hours of Holy Quran exegesis courses (Tafseer)
  • Online courses via video or audioconference (as you prefer)
  • One-to-one private lessons with dedicated and arab native teacher
  • Teachers with Ijazah (official certification attesting the memorization and correct recitation of the Holy Quran with an unbroken chain of transmission to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)
  • Pedagogy adapted for students mastering the Arabic language (it is not necessary to be bilingual but it is necessary to have at least a conversational ability)
  • Rhythm of learning according to your preferences:
    • 2 hours per week
    • 1 hour per week
    • 1 hour every two weeks
    • ...
  • Flexible planning 24/7 with possibility to postpone three lessons until 24 hours before the schedule initially planned
  • Single-gender courses (women classes with female teachers and men classes with male teachers)

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The pack 20h is the ideal formula to study explanation, commentary and interpretation of the Holy Quran easily and quickly.

It consists of 20 hours of private lessons where you will learn alone with your teacher via video or audioconference (as you prefer).

Your teacher will be dedicated to your learning. That means that you will have the same teacher throughout your courses to ensure continuous monitoring and individualized progress adapted whatever your level.

The course schedule will be based on your availability. Whether you want to study on evenings, weekdays, weekends or in intensive courses : our teachers are available 24/7.

Moreover, in case of unforeseen events, your schedule is flexible and you can postpone three lessons until 24h before the schedule initially planned.

Finally, all courses are single-gender and our male/female teachers are specially trained to teach the Holy Quran.